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So, it finally happened – Nemmadi.in featured in a National News Paper that covered what our field is all about.

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For those of us who are new to this please read here to understand what this is all about.

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Why should a home buyer use our service?

You as a housewife definitely don’t want to move into an incomplete house that you would be reluctant to call home.  How do you know your house is far from complete without checking it or as we’d day getting it inspected?

Our unique service is what give your the house owner the confidence to call it a home.

Nemmadi’s team of engineers will come to your house and conduct extensive checks to ensure you get what you were promised and pay for what you get.

Our engineers not only check for civil, plumbing and electrical aspects we also check for safety aspects in your house

The biggest threat a home has is dampness and leakages, it is our responsibility to not only bring this to the home owners notice but also advice you how to prevent and mitigate.

Now that RERA is in play, and Carpet Area is defined by RERA we have the capacity to measure your home area as mandated by RERA

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