Save lakhs by spending only a few thousands!!!

Save Lakhs by spending a few thousands


Watch this excellent video where Mr. Suresha, COO at Nemmadi and Mr. Muthanna, MD at Aster Udyam discuss the importance of Home Inspection. You will also get to know how you can “save in Lakhs of Rupees by spending only a few thousands“.



Nemmadi being a disinterested participant, unbiased by personal interest or advantage, conducts a thoroughly professional home inspection purely in the interest of quality of the end product. Nemmadi is not weighed down by obligations to the management of any of the involved parties, only to the code of conduct set out as its guide.

The Home Inspection is conducted by trained personnel backed by decades of experience in the industry. For Projects, there is the ease of handing-over due to a proactive snag clearance (B2B). With the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) coming into force, a third party quality inspection is in the interest of the customer since that ensures the quality promised is delivered. Decades of professional experience is the backing Nemmadi has, giving a large database of defects that are prevalent in a project. This forms the basis for an exhaustive automated checklist that helps in carrying out not only site inspection but also Home Inspection thoroughly. Instead of depending only on the human eye, the latest technology is utilized for identifying and locating defects. Home Inspection is carried out through a Customised software with automatic Report generation and detailed analysis. For running projects, we provide an online Inspection monitoring console for instant reports and analytics helping in real time De-Snagging. We cater to individual clients seeking confirmation that what is delivered is as promised. We help Builders as Third-party inspectors and certify the units in the project for Quality conformance. We assist Flat Owners’ associations before they take over from Builders to ensure snag-free operation in the future. The comprehensive inspection is done using structured checklists compiled out of years of experience in all types of Projects. State of the art gadgets like Thermography Imagers, Laser Measure, Moisture meter, Electrical fault detector etc., are used for the inspection.

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