Health & Safety are also important

As one walks through the house being inspected checking for any defects that could affect the stay as well as liability of a tenant, you may possibly observe points which are not in your regular checklist.

What if these additional particulars could affect the well-being of the tenant?

Not bringing them to the notice would be wrong and the way out is to highlight such issues as a footnote so that suitable action may be taken by the tenant.

So, what are the types of such problems which could occur? They are many but for discussion we mention just one such point: The railing top of the balcony must be least 1 metre from the floor level, the vertical components must not be more than 125mm apart so that a child’s head will not pass through and for balconies with a fall height of more than 4m there must not be any horizontal or near horizontal elements between 150mm and 760mm above the floor that facilitate climbing.

If you notice any deviation from such norms, then it should be given as an annexure to the report with a remedy (such as fixing a safety net if alteration of the railing is not possible). You may probably have saved a life!