Home Inspection! – WT# is Home Inspection?

Nemmadi - Home Inspection

Loads of people are talking about Home Inspection today, even Google Trends shows an uptick in search term ‘Home Inspection’ in India.

Home Inspection

It is a concept that has been prevalent in the US for eons, it is in fact mandatory in many states in the US at the end of the warranty period for the property.

Google Trends Home Inspection

What about India?

In India, Home Inspection is a relatively new concept. In the Indian context, RERA provides for a strong footing for providers of Home Inspection. What we provide is ‘Peace of Mind’ to our customers by assuring them – “you pay for what you get and you get what you were promised

What does Home Inspection entail?

The individual or team visiting the site check

  • Specifications: Whether all specifications shared by the builder is executed on site
    • Example: the agreement promises anti-skid tiles, wooden flooring, certain type of plumbing fixtures etc., whether these are provided in the completed apartment/villa
  • Snags: if there are any non-conformances in terms of quality of finishes, workmanship, work completion etc.,
    • Example: hollow tiles, hollow dado, chipped skirting, missing screws, incomplete paint jobs, etc.,
  • RERA Area: Measure area of the apartment/villa as prescribed by RERA
    • Carpet Area as prescribed by RERA is now the only area that is required, the earlier area definitions of Carpet Area, Built-up Area, Super-Built-Up Area, Saleable Area etc., are now defunct
  • Dampness: Check for damp spots that are nascent or latent
    • If damp areas are painted over, these are not easily discernible by the naked eye.  Advanced tools are used to find hidden and/or latent dampness

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