Society handover from builder : walk through Part 2 RWA take over from builder

Watch this video to get a basic understanding of some of the very basic checks we perform society handover.

As home owners we are the people who ultimately are responsible for managing our society or apartment complex.  What is interesting is that when we take a car delivery, we we check it and test it, look for whether all the gizmos promised are there. Why do we not do this when we take over a societyShocked Emoji PNG - shocked-emoji-hair shocked-emoji-no-background ...

Imagine taking over a society where things are leaking, damaged, chipped, not complete, statutory compliance is not met.  This would mean the residents would end up paying the price for someone else’s tardiness.

What are a few things we need to check and be aware of when taking over a society or apartment complex from a builder?

Proper take-over of all common areas and amenities by the association from the builder is critical to ensure hassle free operations thereafter. More importantly doing so in such a manner that there are no hurdles or issues in the future while running the association. Audit by Nemmadi makes sure nothing is missed during takeover, by covering all areas mentioned below…

Nemmadi assists the association/RWA by conducting an audit which includes:

  1. Inspection and Snagging of common areas (civil & building services).
  2. Reporting on condition and quality of common areas.
  3. The checklist of documents that a RWA must collects from a builder could be divided into these groups.
    • Property
    • Operations
    • Finance
    • Legal
  4. Guidance on the desirable statutory documents to be handed over to the association.
  • Areas covered in our audit (but not limited to)
    Electrical rooms
    Electrical Transformers
    DG sets
    Water treatment plant
    Sewage treatment plant
    Sumps & Pumping plant
    Rain water harvesting system
    Firefighting systems