This will save you a LOT of MONEY! RWAs are you listening???

When a RWA (Residents’ Welfare Association) Management Committee of an Apartment Association is charged with taking over from the builder they generally go to a Facilities Management company, this is in our opinion not the right way to go about doing things.

Hear me out!

A Facilities Management company does exactly that – manages the facility that is handed to them.  But how do you know what the state of the apartment complex is, that was handed to them?

This is where we come into the picture, tada!!! We will help you take over from the builder in a manner that will help you have a stress free living in your apartment complex.

What we do

We ensure smooth take over from the builder to the RWA  (RESIDENTS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION).

We not only help RWA of projects which are completed in all respects and are due for taking over by the association, but also projects in progress where we conduct inspection for sections which are currently ready and inspect the rest after total completion.

Proper take-over of all common areas and amenities by the association from the builder is critical to ensure hassle free operations thereafter. More importantly doing so in such a manner that there are no hurdles or issues in the future while running the association. Audit by Nemmadi makes sure nothing is missed during takeover, by covering all areas mentioned below…

Nemmadi assists the association/RWA by conducting an audit which includes:

Inspection and Snagging of common areas (civil & building services).
Reporting on condition and quality of common areas.
The checklist of documents that a RWA must collects from a builder could be divided into these groups.
Guidance on the desirable statutory documents to be handed over to the association.

Areas covered in our audit (but not limited to)
Electrical rooms
Electrical Transformers
DG sets
Water treatment plant
Sewage treatment plant
Sumps & Pumping plant
Rain water harvesting system
Firefighting systems
Download Sample Builder RWA Handover Checklist
Overhead water tanks
Roads and pathways
Basement ventilation and exhaust systems
Dampness & damages in all common areas
Painting work
Shafts and ducts which are open for inspection