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Many questions come to your mind when you are either about to take possession of your apartment or villa, sometimes they persist even after taking possession. These questions may be along the lines of according to Google 

  • how to check construction quality?
  • how to check a property before buying?
  • how to check construction quality of a flat
  • how to do house inspection by yourself? (how do you conduct a home inspection by yourself?)

how to check construction quality? / how to check a property before buying? / how to check construction quality of a flat? 

If you are an Engineer, and more specifically a Civil Engineer with some quantum of experience even then this is a task with some amount of tedium. More importantly, who in this day and age has the time to do something that is not their forte? Especially when there are professionals like who specialise in exactly what you are looking for – checking the construction quality. 


To be more specific, and other Home Inspection companies offer what is more specifically workmanship quality audit, which included the audit of various aspects such as Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Safety, Dampness spot identification, and measurement of carpet area as mandated by RERA

What we encourage you to do is to allow an experienced and qualified professional to do what they are trained to do, where you can then continue to have your ‘peace of mind’ aka Nemmadi

how to do house inspection by yourself? (how do you conduct a home inspection by yourself?)

A homeowner who is a DIY enthusiast and is interested in conducting an audit of their own home, we at can assist you in this process. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will share with you the login details of the app which will give you a checklist that you can follow and use our professional grade app to perform your home inspection by yourself. 


we have written a number of blog post to help homeowners who are new in the market or even those who are in the secondary market. 


If you are taking over your apartment or villa, have you considered getting it checked by professionals? This is an important step to take so that you don’t have buyers remorse after having made one of the most important decisions and expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. Getting a home inspection conducted will save you a lot of money, future headache, and even time. 

We have even published a Home Maintenance Manual, a first in India that is particularly designed for Indian homes. This Home Maintenance Manual was written keeping in mind what we have learnt after having conducted audits for over 5500 individuals all over India. The Home Maintenance Manual may be purchased for Rs 249 only. Once you may the payment you will receive an email with an encrypted PDF which will have a password that is specific to your email address. As of this blog we have had over 10,000 downloads! 🥳

Why you should engage us to get your home inspection if this is still a question that is bothering you then read no further, the linked blog has all the reasons that you as a homebuyer needs to engage professionals. 

What exactly is Good Quality Construction? This is something that one needs to be aware of, what we mean by this is that unless one is aware of what is possible one will not know what can be expected from the builder. So we have taken the liberty of collating a few examples of good workmanship and how it looks for our audience. 

Why RERA carpet area matters to a home buyer, this is a very important aspect that you need to be aware of. Today RERA has defined what Carpet Area is and this is the basis for the sale by a builder. RERA has clearly indicated what comes within the ambit of Carpet Area and what is excluded from it. 

Here are a lot of things that You Should Check Before Handover Of Your Apartment.

We have also taken the time to answer multiple Home Inspection FAQs, you are encouraged to read this post which has in detail explained all the various questions we have been asked along our journey thus far

One of the biggest and more troublesome things we come across is hollowness in flooring. Here we have taken you through the various reasons that hollowness may occur and how they may be remedied. 

Have you thought of what happens when your bathroom floor doesn’t have sufficient slope? Then think no further 👏

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