You are taking over your apartment or villa, have you considered getting it checked by professionals?

Experienced this? You have purchased an expensive product, started using it and shortly after the product malfunctions or worse breaks down?

If you have been assiduous and registered for the warranty and or guarantee then you are better off than most of your peers. But this still does not mean that you are left with the burden of time that you need to invest to get these repairs done or worse wait for the product to be replaced.

Imagine you fall into this vicious cycle when you buy a house?
You have bought a beautiful apartment or villa that was bought by investing most of your savings or even on a mortgage/home loan. You and your family, maybe even extended family of parents-in-law and parents live with you – after a few months of living in the house you realise that there are a lot of issues. Some of which that you may face are elucidated below

Water oozing from the floor tiles

Water Oozing from floor tiles


The wooden flooring is not affixed to the sublayer properly and is creaky

Squeaky wooden floor







Water starts to seep from the walls into your living room








When you look at the doors the doors are not finished to the level they should be








The fittings in the bathroom are leaking or faulty







The tiling work in your house may not have been done correctly, which could let to a lot of hollow tiles.










If you have wooden flooring and the floor is not laid flat you could end up with a warped floor like this







There could be more issues regarding electrical fixtures and wiring.






These are just a few of the problems that we have encountered during the audit of over 5000 individual homes across India.








On average based on our experience we see that there are over 160 issues in a 2000 square foot house. 60% of them have dampness and 30% of them have some sort of variation in area.

The observed average distribution of problems are








We have not yet touched up on the carpet area of your house. Now that RERA is mandated, RERA has defined how a builder has to define the carpet area of the property being sold. We measure exactly that, and give you a statement of the measurements. This will give you an understanding of where things stand.

According to the RERA, carpet area is defined as ‘the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment’.

In layman’s terms – Anything inside the outer walls of an apartment, but excluding the open balconies, verandah or open terrace and shafts.



Now why would you want to put yourself through this pain of enduring these issues after moving into your house? Would it not be prudent on your part to engage with a professional organisation to help you perform an audit on your behalf and give you a technical visual report?

This plan below shows the various aspects that are to be taken into consideration while calculating the carpet area (as defined by RERA, above)

We have listened to what you have asked and created a video answering the various FAQs posed to us

A lot of us are also not very conversant with what Home Inspection is and what it entails. Hopefully this blog has clarified some of these queries.

 We also encourage you to also download a Home Maintenance Manual that is specifically designed for Indian Homes






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