Home Maintenance Manual, a first in India

Apartments or Houses or Villas are the most expensive purchases most individuals make, and furthermore most of us make only one such purchase in our lifetime. Does this then, not beg the fact that we need to take care of it. Strike that, make it very good care of it

Has anyone realised that even though we pay tens of Lakhs or even Crores of Rupees to purchase a house, we do not get a Home Maintenance Manual from the housing developer. For example if you bought a Bangalore Apartment, we are certain that we are not given a Home Maintenance Manual.

Bodies like CREDAI and RERA have tried at developing a Home Maintenance Manual, our experience is that justice has not been served to the topic. 

Which is why, we at Nemmadi.in decided to develop a Home Maintenance Manual based on our experience of over 7 years in the field.  You can download the manual here

Houses are built with brick and mortar, it then becomes a home with the affection we pour into it. The love and affection we show should also include various aspects of maintenance. Be it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly tasks that need to be conducted. 

A quick search on Google Trends shows that many are not even aware of such a manual. We see people are searching for an ‘apartment’ but not searching for a ‘home manual’. It appears that they rather search for a ‘contractor’ to repair the issues. 

Not many people are even interested in CREDAI, but because of a real issue with ‘leakage’ we see there is a lot of queries related to this 

In this manual we cover many topics :


If there is something more that you would like us to add to this manual do let us know. We encourage you to send us an email at getNemmadi (at ) nemmadi.in