Nemmadi Home Inspection – Why you should engage us to get your home inspection.


Premium Offering

This is our premium-service offering for both Villas and Apartments

🎯 Both Inspection and Re-inspection ( re-inspection after rectification ) is included

Carpet Area measurement as mandated by RERA

📆 Priority in booking slots for your Villa Inspection

🚀 Fast turn around for report, premium service will get you the report on the 2nd day as against the 3rd day for standard service

📹 Video from site of main snag/problems along with visual report

⚡  Sunday inspections at no extra cost for you

📖 Telephonic walk through of the consolidated report ( visual, RERA area, dampness, specifications promised by he builder )


Our Scope of works is …

1. Civil Aspects
2. Plumbing Aspects
3. Electrical Aspects
4. Area measurement of your flat – REAR
5. Dampness Checking
6. Specifications

The comprehensive scope of inspection, conducted by trained and experienced engineers, will include both inside and outside, if your home is a villa. Which means we will have to also check these over and above the usual scope of works
▪️ terrace ( including rainwater drainage )
▪️ hardscape in the garden area
▪️ external walls and finishes for cracks and dampness
▪️ external drainage system including manholes
▪️ external staircases
▪️ car parking


Why we are your best choice

Nemmadi should be your choice to get your Home Inspection because…

1️⃣ Our inspection report is organized both Room wise and Grouped aspects wise ( Civil, Electrical, Plumbing and Safety ) for easy identification and rectification

2️⃣ Our Competitors do not provide Comparison statement of Specifications provided by the builder

3️⃣ We use both Thermal camera and Moisture meter to check Dampness with accurate determination ( all walls and ceilings )

4️⃣ We provide statistics of Inspection findings to give picture of Quality

5️⃣ Inspections will be performed by well trained Engineers

6️⃣ Inspection Reports will be Reviewed and double checked before dispatch by Senior Engineers having More than 18+ years of experience in Construction Industry

7️⃣ With Our Experience we indicate priorities for our findings based on severity as Low, Medium and High for facilitating for further process

8️⃣ For consistent high Quality Inspections we follow well designed Standard Operating procedures (SOP) for the entire process

9️⃣ Our strong Linage : is from a construction project management background our parent company is A N prakash construction project management consultants , which is in existence from 39 years. Our Quality inspection is based on our Experiential Knowledge accumulated from 39 years, executing various types of construction project all over India & abroad


Experiential Information

Based on our experience of inspecting over 4500 apartments, so far, we see that there are on average 130 problems on average in a 2000sft apartment, and 30% of them have dampness. Our inspection is very in-depth in that a 2000sft apartment on average has over 1500 points that are checked in Civil, Plumbing, Electrical and Safety



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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do builders encourage Home Inspection?
 Do you perform a check after the builder has cleared the issues?
 How can you help when we are buying or selling in the re-sale market?
 Can you help me with my doubts I have in the report?
 What does your internal review of the report cover?


Dampness Inspection

We will help you find the root cause of your dampness problems at your apartment or villa.▪️

📄 Scope of Service

▪️Collection and study of the data about leakage/dampness 💧
▪️Diagnosis for root cause of leakage/dampness
▪️Submitting reports of inspection 🧾
▪️Recommendations for rectification of identified issues 💯
▪️Inspection will be performed by a Senior Engineer 🎯
▪️We use Advanced Scientific tools ⚡ like Moisture meter and Thermographic imagers to perform the inspection
▪️The inspection report will be submitted on the 📆 5th working day , after the day of inspection

Why Us? 

There have been queries about diff between – INSPECTION REPORTING and ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS

Inspection reporting
is a visual observation and recording, using tools and technology, of any defect or deficiency in workmanship requiring rectification. Inspection is conducted by our trained and experienced engineers.
In short, inspection is only the reporting of any symptom ( simple in nature ) which can be easily addressed by the contractor/builder with normal engineering experience.

Root Cause Analysis
is for a complex problem ( like dampness and cracks ) where the inspection will reveal the symptoms, but requires in-depth analysis based on experience to unearth the cause of the problem. A root cause analysis takes more time and effort, can only be performed by an experienced engineer