Things You Should Check Before Handover Of Your Apartment

Nemmadi Home Inspection

Interesting problems seen during home inspections before your apartment handover by Nemmadi

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While completing over 4000 home inspections across Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad our engineers on site come across many problems.  These may be in an apartment or a villa.


Have you ever checked below the sink?

Take a look what happens if things are not in working order…


Most bathrooms in apartments today have a false ceiling, now imagine that there is a cracked or broken pipe that is open above the false ceiling.

This is exactly what we found in one apartment.


This is another example of things that can go horribly wrong above a false ceiling.


When we run the tap into a washbasin most of the times we run it for a few seconds to make sure the tap works and the sink also empties properly.

But what happens if you run it for an extended period of time? You will find out if the drain is clogged or not


We have found situations where a show faucet is connected to a sink.

See it for yourself…


Of course there are a few leaky faucets and shower controls


Have you ever seen a shower control when turned on gets the dado and the wall behind the sink leak water


Termites are not something anyone wants in their home.

We have seen these in a few places, and they are voracious insects.


Here is another video of a few cases where we have seen water flowing being a layer of paint, water seeping from the walls etc