It is better to Bite the Bullet

We all know the importance of checking what we are buying even if it is a bag of grocery. But when taking one of the biggest decision in one’s life such as purchasing an apartment, we dawdle about checking it or getting it checked.

Ask anyone who has a plan of buying a house, about the importance of a home inspection and the chances are that most if not all would say that it is very important. But ask those who have just brought it and you will find that most of them have not gone for such a home inspection.

So, why this disparity between what we feel is right and what we practice? It could be to avoid the unpleasantness of discovering that something is wrong in what we thought was our dream home or it may be plain laziness, hoping that all would be okay in our case.

But what will be will be and so it is better to face a bit of unpleasantness now than to have nasty surprises such as dampness everywhere once you have occupied the place.