Inspection of Ancestral or Old & Independent Houses

What happens when one is asked to do an home inspection for an old and independent house, where the owner or buyer is keen to stay in the same place for sentimental reasons? The first thing that comes to mind is the level of decay that could have set in. Cobwebs and moth-eaten furniture and musty smells and dampness everywhere. Well, it could be that and much more.

The various denizens of the venerable place down the ages could have made alterations in the structure, most of which cannot be traced due to lack of drawings or because the present tenants are blissfully ignorant of what had transpired there.

So what is to be done about all this? It is strongly recommended that a structural Engineer visit the place to ensure that nothing untoward will happen when any minor alteration is done, or even otherwise. Also make sure that the regular checking is more thorough because if there are hidden defects, they could be serious.