When will things change?

What steps should you take when you want to keep driving your vehicle when it becomes older? It is easy to guess that – you have to ensure that it is fit to be driven. Because if your brakes fail, for instance, it could cause injury or worse, both to yourself and those who come in the way.

But what if your house is quite old (maybe 50 or 75+ years) and probably with several changes taking place over the years, done in total ignorance of the consequences. Should it not also be subject to periodical checks by way of home inspection for defects such as dampness, so that it is not a risk to the tenants, whether one’s own family or otherwise? It should ideally be there, if not already in place.

It is therefore imperative that the property owners or tenants are made aware of the necessity of such a checks at periodical intervals since the savings made from advance information on repairs/rectifications required will more than enough offset the cost of such an inspection.