A Better Way

Home Inspection

If you are asking your self ‘is home inspection usual’ only after handover?

It is usual for a home inspection to be done once an apartment or house is nearing completion. While this is certainly a good procedure, it may sometimes be too late or too costly to set right some of the things which have gone wrong. For instance, if there is dampness at some location, and the check done by thermo-graphic imaging show that there is a joint from which there is a leakage. There is a solution, which is to break the wall, set right the joint and refill the wall. But this is a time-consuming and costly process.

Why not ask for one or more intermediate inspections so that any of the issues which could be sorted out earlier could be done. It may save quite some time and money.

Consider this scenario:

You have made your final payment to the builder and have moved in, moved your furniture, your kitchen has been setup, the bath is as you want it your roof garden is what you had dreamed of. Your parents have joined you and are excited to share time and space with your children. 

Three months have passed…

there are damp patches on the ceiling, there is water leaking from the walls adjoining the bath, some tiles are creaking, the doors are not shutting flush. 

To solve these problems you have to not only move your family out of your home, but also let in strangers into your personal space. 

All of this can be avoided if you get your Home Inspection done by Nemmadi before you move in at a fraction of the cost of your purchase. 

Apart from this, if the carpet area you have paid for is not what you have got, won’t you feel cheated? RERA dictates how carpet area has to be measured, we do it for you.

Get total peace of mind!