Home Inspection – How does it help the Developer/Builder?

Home inspection Agency when employed by the Developer/Builder will act as a third party Inspector and gives an unbiased report about the condition of the finished homes. All the Developers/Builders would have their own Quality assurance and Quality control team whose job is to ensure defect free delivery. However they are also under pressure of meeting targets and many issues are bound to get overlooked. In extreme case of good team play, there is remote possibility of not pointing out the mistakes of project execution team by their colleagues at QA QC team.

On other hand, a third party Inspector/Home inspection agency will have no such compulsions and his only job is to look for issues from a customer’s perspective and report. This process will bring out issues without fear or favour and helps in easing the handover process, thus raising the Quality level of the project and increasing the customer confidence.

As added benefit third party certified projects do command premium in the market.