Why is it necessary to check the external aspects of a building?

It is of course necessary to check the external walls, drains, plinth protection etc., but it is also important to look a little further away. We are talking about the plants/trees growing in the garden.

Why is it important to study them?

Most trees growing near buildings cause no damage, but they could pose a problem in certain cases:

Structural damage caused by subsidence

  • If the soil is of clayey nature, there is a possibility of subsidence, but only in case of certain shrinkable types. By studying the effects on other nearby structures such as the compound walls, it is possible to know if it is a soil capable of creating a problem.

Drain damage

  • Roots may enter and block drains but only if they are cracked and leaking. Hence it is important to maintain the drains properly.

Physical damage

  • Expanding roots can lift paving and lightweight structures, such as compound walls, garages and sheds with a light roof, but are incapable of lifting heavier structures. Check if one can live with such issues like an undulating pavement or a cracked compound wall.