Should the Buyer be present for the Home Inspection?

However busy the Buyer is, he or she had better find some free time to be present when the inspection is being done. The reasons?

For one, you can get everything ‘from the horse’s mouth’ instead of reading a report and not understanding a good part of it. Questions can be asked and doubts got clarified on the spot, which may be difficult and cumbersome at a later date when done over telephone or mail.

As you walk through the house, you can ask questions about potential problems which could come up in the future.

You can be sure that everything has been looked into and nothing of importance missed out since everyone is fallible and a Home Inspector is no exception.

Finally, as you go through the process of inspection your decision on whether this is the house for you or not will get crystallized and there is a good chance that by the end of the day you would have made the decision. Just be sure to take your spouse along so that it is a joint decision.