The extras you get from a Home Inspection

A home inspection is an assessment of the apartment’s or villa’s condition as on the day of inspection.  However, home inspectors not only can identify problems with houses, they can also give buyers hints that will help them with the future upkeep. Since a home is probably the biggest investment the owner may make in one’s lifetime, it is important that it should be maintained properly.

If the home owner is available while the inspection is in progress, one can get an idea of what the potential problems are that could affect their homes in the future.

An example is a steel structure which is exposed to rain and sun. If you find the Home Inspector checking the quality of paint, you can ask about what needs to be done to maintain it in the future and you will then learn that regular painting is a must. Another example is when the inspector is checking if the rain water falling on the balcony floor is flowing easily towards the drain point; you will then understand that there must not be stagnation of rainwater because that could in turn lead to water percolating through the tile joints and affecting the slab below.

The Inspector would only be too glad to give hints about how to avoid future issues. But it is up to the buyer to ask whatever they think will be of use.