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Being Indian

For most Indians, buying a home is something we do once in a lifetime and is almost always the most expensive investment we make. Being Indians, even in the most mundane of purchases, we bargain and consistently check for the quality.  Why is it that then, do we not get our Home Inspection done?


In our experience we have observed a peculiar discrepancy: when we Indians take over a house, most of us, do not put in the same effort to exact value for our purchase as we do when vegetables are purchased.

Penny pinching does not help

We will share with you data we have gathered through our home inspection process to show, investing a few thousands will save you hundreds of thousands [lakhs].

Number of Snags

average number of snags
Number of Snags per 2000 sft

A snag is a problem we find when we conduct a Home Inspection on your home.

Home Inspection of hundreds of apartments has shown us an average of 130 snags per 2000 square feet of a home. even a few thousands to repair each of them will cost you lakhs


Snag Distribution

Snags distribution
How snags are distributed

This is a ‘no-brainer’, our customers feel that we need to check things differently, is this because we are not educating our peers and friends sufficiently?

Clent concerns
What concerns our clients the most

the client concerns are justified because Area is the most expensive part of the purchase, one does pay per square foot.

One would imagine that there is greater care taken here by the people delivering, but we see about 62% of all homes measured areas less than was promised.

Area vs Promised
Area distribution

that again translates to a few lakhs. For a person buying a villa or a luxury apartment it may be a pinch, but for a person who has put all their life savings it is a kick in the stomach.

frequency distribution
How the area is distributed

With RERA now coming into force, we are happy to provide our customers a measurement of their carpet area as prescribed by RERA

RERA Carpet area
Carpet area according to RERA


Hidden Dampness

Most patches of dampness are visible to the naked eye, but there are latent spots that can be seen only using specialised tools. Experiential data shows 35% of all homes we’ve inspected had dampness in them

How dampness can spoil the party


A stitch in time saves nine

It does pay multi-fold to have one’s home inspected by professionals. An investment of a few thousand rupees will potentially save the home owner lakhs of rupees


We’ll be happy to help

What is Home Inspection :

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home inspection
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