Tips for Individual House Construction


This write up is for all those who want to construct their residence/home. Let us assume that you have a plot of land and you have decided to build a house.

Congratulations on your wise decision.

Let us look at the various steps to be taken while constructing a house.

First and foremost thing is to use the services of professionals to design and construct your house.

Using the services of a professional is as important as using the services of a medical doctor. Considering that you are likely to spend lakhs of rupees, it is prudent on your part to use the services of a professional when you are spending, may be, your life savings.

How is a ‘construction project’ unique as compared to other projects?

All construction projects are unique and one of its kind, even if completely similar to buildings being built at different locations.

All Construction Projects go through four major phases in its life cycle:

  1. Concept Phase
  2. Design and tendering Phase
  3. Execution Phase
  4. Finishing Phase

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