Take over inspection of home when owner is abroad

Many a times owner of the purchased property cannot be present for the home inspection before take over as he may not be in the country or even preoccupied.

This is not a cause for worry if you engage a professional of repute and entrust the task of home inspection.

You will have to inform the builder and authorize the agency to carry out the home inspection. Make sure the builder has provided your home with electricity and water supply so that electrical and plumbing checks can be done. Fix up the inspection date and time slot with the builder and inform the home inspection agency keeping the builder in loop. Builder will be glad to cooperate with agency as they too have the responsibility of obtaining the owner’s acceptance before handover which enhances their reputation.

After the home inspection the report of snags (non conformance) will be passed on to the builder through the owner and rectifications will be carried over.

Once the builder reports that all snags are rectified, the agency may be asked again to check (de snagging) and report thus completing the process.

In some cases the checking will be necessary even the third time to clear all the issues.
So not in country, not in town, not an issue any more.