Home Inspection of occupied homes

I have already occupied the newly bought apartment. Does it help to get the Home Inspection performed?
There could be more than one reason why you took over the property without a thorough home inspection, like an expiring dead line by the Developer, your own urgency like term beginning of children’s school nearby or your work compulsions like transfer etc.,

Nevertheless it is best if you could have got it inspected before taking over but not everything is lost if you couldn’t. Builders do understand your position and oblige to rectify the issues pointed out after taking over, provided you had a word with them politely before taking over. They do know to discriminate between a genuine buyer pointing out a genuine defect after taking over and buyers making issue out of frivolous matter.

Word of caution here is about the ease and thoroughness of home inspection of occupied homes. Home Inspector cannot and is not expected to move the furniture and fittings, thus missing some points. If carpeted it will make it all the more difficult to inspect the flooring. Movement of occupants and ensuring their privacy will also hinder the home inspection process.
Further getting any rectification done in an occupied house is quite cumbersome and disturbing.

Giving a thought on the above, hope you will make the right move.