Specialised Home Inspection Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

As we set forth on the journey of home purchasing, we all dream of the perfect abode. However, unseen issues often lie beneath the surface, only detectable by professional home inspection services. These services leverage a range of specialised tools and techniques, playing a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive and precise assessment of the property. This blog guides you through some of the specialised tools utilised by Nemmadi, a premier home inspection company in India, and delves into other critical aspects of the home inspection process.

Capturing the Complete Picture: The 360 Camera

A groundbreaking addition to Nemmadi’s toolkit is the 360 camera, which is used to capture walkthrough videos of the property. This camera offers a panoramic view, allowing for a more immersive and comprehensive understanding of the space. It is particularly useful for documenting the condition of the property, capturing details that might be missed in traditional photography. The 360 camera not only enhances the quality of the inspection but also provides potential homeowners with a virtual tour of the property, aiding in their decision-making process. To learn more about how a 360 camera works, [click here]. This is how the video would look in a 360 shoot

360 Degree Camera


Unveiling Concealed Moisture Problems: The Moisture Metre

One essential tool in a Nemmadi engineer’s toolkit is the moisture metre. This instrument measures the moisture content in various materials by evaluating electrical conductivity, providing a contextual understanding of the moisture content. It assists in pinpointing potential dampness spots, which could evolve into issues like mould growth if left unchecked. To learn more about the workings of a moisture meter, [click here]


Mould Testing: A Crucial Home Inspection Component

Although Nemmadi does not conduct mould testing, it is crucial to be aware of its role in the home inspection process. Mould can lead to severe health issues and structural damage if left untreated. A professional mould testing procedure involves taking samples from different parts of the home and analysing them in a lab to detect potential mould growth. At Nemmadi, we inform our clients if visible mould is detected during the inspection. Furthermore, we encourage homeowners to check for signs of dampness, as dampness is a common instigator of mould growth.



Air Quality Testing: Ensuring a Healthy Living Environment

Air quality testing, although not part of Nemmadi’s services, plays a significant role in the home inspection process. Through this test, potential pollutants like carbon monoxide, radon, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be identified, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment. While we don’t perform this test, we recommend using air purifiers at home to maintain good indoor air quality.


Water Testing: Evaluating the Purity of Your Water Supply

Water testing is a fundamental part of home inspection services, though it’s not directly provided by Nemmadi. It involves checking various parameters like the pH level, hardness, and the presence of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. At Nemmadi, during an audit for the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), we do assess water quality at the source in the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP). For a glimpse into how STP and WTP work, check these links STP and WTP.


Observing the Unseen with Infrared Thermal Technology

One of the advancements in home inspection services is the use of infrared thermal technology. Thse devices can identify temperature variations that could indicate potential issues like insulation gaps, air leaks, or moisture accumulation. At Nemmadi, we use infrared thermal technology for identifying cooler spots that might indicate dampness, supplemented by the moisture meter’s readings to ensure accurate assessments.


The Necessity of a Well-Equipped Tool Kit

Besides the specialised tools and tests mentioned above, a well-equipped toolkit is indispensable for a home inspection. This includes basic tools like screwdrivers, torches, and ladders, aiding in conducting a thorough inspection.


In conclusion, while all home inspection companies may not provide the same services, understanding the range of tests and tools used in the industry can help you make an informed decision when choosing your home inspection service. At Nemmadi, we strive to equip our engineers with the latest tools and technologies, offering our clients a comprehensive, objective, and professional home inspection service.