Home Inspection to detect hidden dampness using Infrared Camera

If you are an experienced home inspector, it is possible to make a fairly accurate assessment of the points of moisture entry, by the method of deduction. It is our senses which help in locating such locations.

With advances in technology, instruments such as infrared camera has entered the home inspection field. It can be a useful tool in the kit of the inspector, provided it is kept in mind that any tool is only as good as the user.

Further, many of the issues can be detected by an IR camera only if the conditions are right. If there is too much of heat or cold or even if there are high winds, the results could be misleading. Since perfect conditions rarely exist, it is the expertise of the inspector which is paramount.

Giving primary importance to the output of the infra-red camera rather than on the Inspector’s experienced eyes could lead to flawed interpretations and hence caution is advised while using this tool.
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