Top 5 Things you should know before moving into your new home

Do you know what the TOP 5 things you should know if you are a home buyer?

In India for the vast majority of us, buying a home is an aspiration. Apart from being an aspiration it is one of the most expensive purchases we’ll ever make.

Many if not most of us ask ourselves these very questions

is this a structural crack and non structural crack?

“what is the wall seepage solution?”

how home inspection works?

“where to look for home inspection?”

These are all questions that reflect the need of a home-buyer who wants to assure themselves of peace of mind – Nemmadi – you are at the correct place.

Before we take you through the TOP 5 things you should know… we have to share this

“we are not lawyers or professionals in the field of law, it is always the best to consult a lawyer to understand all the nuances of legal aspects”

Part 1 of 5 a series of videos discussing the Top 5 things 

Legal Aspects –

Title Deed

One of the most important things that a homeowner needs to get correct or checked is the title-deed or the moola patra. This document shows the continuous continuity of path of ownership of the property – from acquisition to the currents state of ownership. It is a good idea to go up to 30 years in history of this document.

Encumbrance Certificate

Issued by the sub-registrar’s office and shows that the land or the property is not encumbered. Meaning that nobody else has any right over this property, and that the seller has absolute right to sell it to you. Meaning that nobody has any claim over it.

A home buyer can also apply for the certificate for a fee, which depends on the history of the check. Which will show if the property has any loan against it or has been mortgaged etc.

Building Sanctions

There should be an approval for the commencement of the building. The builder gets a sanctioned plan, and after this is got the builder starts construction.  Once the work commences, the authorities visit and ensure that the columns are positioned as per the sanctioned drawing then the authorities issue the commencement certificate.

Commencement Certificate

The authorities after visiting the building site issue this if the builder is following all the rules and regulations to commence work


We will in our next blog post continuing the “TOP 5 things you should know” talk about statutory requirements that the builder needs to have.

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