Top 5 Things you should know before moving into your new home – Part 2

Do you know what the TOP 5 things you should know if you are a home buyer?


we covered some legal related aspects earlier here

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Completion Certificate

This is document issued by the Statutory Authority (Local body) who in the first place gave permission to start the construction by approving the submitted drawings. This is known as sanctioned plan for the building. They will inspect all the construction to ensure the building is built as per the sanctioned plan without any deviations in all aspects.

The completion is also checked for other building services like Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting etc., and the norms will change if the building is categorised as “High Rise” when the height is 15 metres above ground level. These rules vary from state to state which has to be ascertained.

Occupancy Certificate

This document will be issued by the statutory authority when the clearance is obtained by all other statutory agencies like Dept. of Fire and safety, Water supply and Sewerage Board, Electrical Inspectorate, Airport authority (for High rise buildings) and many more.

Occupancy certificate ensures that the building is complete in all respects and fit and safe for occupation. As a Home Buyer this is the most important document you should be looking for.

Latest Tax paid receipts

These are required to be checked to ensure that all taxes are paid up to date by the builder. If these remain unpaid, the individual owner or the Association has to bear the claim by the authorities after take over from the builder, depending on whether it pertains to individual flat or the common area.

Pollution Control Board clearance

This clearance is very crucial as it covers operation of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Emission by Diesel Generators including the Noise levels. They ensure that the treated water is as per the statutory norms and fit for use in Gardens or flushing and in some cases it is fit for discharging outside. Any non-compliance will result in closure of Apartment Occupancy certificate along with hefty fines.