Home Inspection Software speeds things up

The days are gone when one had the luxury of loads of time to prepare a written or typed report and then send it by post or courier, resulting in a time lag between inspection and reporting of nearly 7-10 days. Today, the Client expects instant results and that is possible only with the help of a software.

Home inspection work can be very demanding on one’s time. The reports are to be timely in addition to the requirement that they be professional and clear. A home inspection software helps one to submit reports well in time, with clear explanations of defects thanks to the ability to annotate photos.

Instead of rushing back to the office to work on your desktop or laptop before submitting the report, you could use the mobile version of the software, where you can complete your report on-site and send it immediately, eliminating the need for that extra step

Using house inspection software can save your company cash. Time is money, so the amount of time that you will save by using this tool is going to save your business cash.