Carpet Area- What is it? Why is Carpet Area important? What does RERA say about Carpet Area?

Carpet Area

Carpet Area, Super Built-up Area, Built-up Area, Salable Area. Area of an apartment is defined by these terms.  These terms in themselves are confusing because each builder has a different definition for them.  This was until RERA was enacted, now Carper Area is the only thing the home buyer needs to understand.

In an earlier post we discussed why RERA is such an important development, this is a continuation of that discussion.

As you can see there are over 62% of all apartments who have an area less than that is promised.  Now imagine you are paying Rs. 10,000 a square foot, if your apartment is 10 square feet short, then you immediately stand to lose Rs. 100,000 !!!

Why do you want to take a chance and lose your hard earned money?

What does RERA say about Carpet Area

Carpet Area defined by RERA

This is what RERA defines Carpet area as.

This is EXACTLY what we follow when we measure the Area of your apartment.

How do our engineers measure Carpet Area

Our engineers are equipped with Laser measures, using the laser measure our engineers take accurate dimension readings for each room.  These are them transferred to the Back-office where a senior engineer re-evaluates the calculation.  The important thing to remember is the internal walls are included in the area definition.  The external wall thickness is not.

What happens if your apartment is short of area?

This is where our detailed report comes into use, since our report is a technical and quantitative report, any Civil Engineer will be able to understand it.  The detailed report will show which room is varying by how much and what the total difference is.  The home owner then may decide what next!

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