Don’t ignore Quality Check #HomeInspection

Have you ignored the Quality of your house before you took it over fro the builder?

Workmanship and Material quality

How does a common man, not conversant with construction materials and workmanship ensure that the house/flat that he is taking over meets the Industry Quality standards  both in workmanship and in materials ?

It is difficult and almost impossible for a common man.

Structural Stability:

One may want to know whether the Quality of Concrete, Cement and Reinforcement steel that are incorporated into the structure are of ‘Good Quality’.

All reputed builders adopt a system of ‘Quality Control and Quality assurance’ during the process of construction. On request, they will show the systems and procedures adopted by them to maintain good quality and adherence to code requirements. A professional in the field will able to interpret the test results

RWA association can request for the test report and keep them for posterity.

Materials and Workmanship:

Needless to say, apart from use of best quality of materials workmanship is of utmost importance and they go hand in hand. There is a saying in Kannada, roughly translated means a precious stone in the hands of monkeywill not result in the best of jewelry piece.

Few examples:

  • An expensive white marble floor, if not cut to square corners and not laid on laid without using appropriate backing materials could result in a bad laid flooring.
  • If door hinges of appropriate size and numbers are not use depending upon the size and weight of the doors could one day sag and not only destroy the marble flooring but also make it difficult to move it.
  • Water pipes have to be ‘pressure tested’ to ensure that the joints are not leaking before the wall tiles are laid.
  • Insufficient balcony floor slopes could damage the carpet in your living room, if the rainwater backs up during a thunder shower.
  • Electrical wiring: Has the work been executed as per the safety requirements and functionality? Without conduction an inspection, it is impossible to assure that the whole electrical system is safe.

Therefore, it would be prudent to engage the services of professional to conduct a thorough inspection before you move in to ensure safety of you and your family.